Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Skyworth Displays an Extremely Impressive Concept of Pliable AMOLED Wearables

CES never fails to surprise us and something new and surprising is always there. Here and there we saw many noteworthy displays of Ideas and projects that could trigger revolutions in our technologies. One of these noteworthy projects was Skyworth’s pliable display which managed to grab a lot of attention at the event.

Most people might not be aware of Skyworth which is quite understandable as Skyworth is a Chinese Television manufacturer which is not very popular in the America and Europe. But if America and Europe get introduced to its new wearable technology, Skyworth could really make a big name for itself for sure. This company has come up with a unique scheme of flexible and bendy display units for wearable technologies which could not only boost the development of wearable technology but revolutionize this field.

A much as the same 5-inch AMOLED capable of bending display was displayed at IFA last year but now it has been better transformed into a wearable – A very feasible application for pliable displays.

It is not exactly very comfortable looking but its screen and display are extremely impressive as well as attractive.

Obviously and undoubtedly, the use of curved OLED has been present in manufacturing of wearables already, for example Samsung’s Gear S which uses curved screen but a pliable display which and bend without breaking makes it possible to mold, change and transform device’s shape for any individuals best fit according to their specified wrist shapes and sizes.

For all we know we are actually heading more and more close to having all these types of wearable technologies and their displays being manufactured and made obtainable for everyone and we are unquestionably certain that we will see a lot more of them in near future.

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