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Skully AR Helmet Might Fail To Fulfill Our Expectations

Augmented Reality still hasn’t become reality for the wearable tech and sports. Many companies are trying to make their mark but not all of them succeed in making their dreams a reality. Skully might be one of them.

Skully AR Helmet Might Fail To Fulfill Our Expectations

Skully appeared in the crowdfunding by the end of 2014. Later, it also made an appearance in November. The idea behind the helmet was to protect the athlete’s skull with the help of advanced technology and AR. The basic intent behind the helmet was to give the wearers eyes behind their back. It implies that they won’t have to fear sudden overtaking or accidents through any other vehicles.

Skully’s motorcycle helmet was supposed to cost $1,500.  That’s way too much even for an augmented reality motorcycle helmet. However, we might have a tip that this startup is having difficulty and might completely shut down.

According to sources, the company is trying to cease all the operations related to the production of the helmet. They have also decided to shut down the website. The CEO and the founder of Skully, Marcus Weller, has already abandoned the project.

It remains to be seen whether the 3000 backers will get refunding or the actual wearable or not. The most shocking point of this unfortunate motorcycle helmet’s fate is that it raised nearly $2.4 million. This means that the Indiegogo campaign followed by the successful funding was one of the most successful projects so far on this fundraising platform.

Skully was expected to ship past Christmas. But, two weeks ago various backers have been informed that the units would be delivered by September, but as mentioned, that doesn’t seem real too. Various industry analysts are expecting that the company would find enough funding to pay its manufacturer Flextronics and actually ship its first product. Chinese company LeSports is also expected to take over the operations.

We cannot believe any further reports till Skully manages to explain the situation. The company is definitely underwater and it remains to be seen whether it will satisfy the waiting customers or not.

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