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SKIIOT Wearable Is The Best Tool For Professional And Cross-Country Skiers

As we have told you from time and again, Skiing is one of the hardest and strategic sports played anywhere in the world. The sport is played by those individuals who have control over their body and mind and know how to deal with the consequences. However, Oulu-based high tech company EXIOPS wearable named SKIIOT is the solution to all the skiers’ worries.

The device is just the size of a matchbox, so no carrying issues. SKIIOT is attached to the heel of the skier’s boots. The device collects and analyzes all the data which varies from conditions of the skier’s track, weather and another element. The wearable also assesses the physical performance of the skier and the techniques applied by him during the time spent with the wearable while skiing.

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SKIIOT Wearable Is The Best Tool For Professional And Cross-Country Skiers

SKIIOT is directly aimed at two very specific target markets. The areas where the device uses its expertise to analyze the needs and wants of the users include the professional competitor and the active, recreational cross-country skier.

Coming to the usage of SKIIOT for the professional cross-country skiers first, it is a total for preparing the skier’s for performing in professional events and competitions. SKIIOT collects all the data of the athlete, analyze it carefully, assess the tactics and send it back to the user within no time. The collected information can then be used by the player and the coaches for optimal results. The data which is gathered by the ski wearable includes the variation of anatomic variables affecting the skiing performance, physiology and physical power of the skier, GPS-location of the skier and all the information regarding changing weather- and track conditions.

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SKIIOT Wearable Is The Best Tool For Professional And Cross-Country Skiers

The other part of the performance by SKIIOT includes the benefits for the recreational cross-country skiers. This mode of the device comes with a value from the possibilities introduced by the easy-to-use, fully automatic exercise calendar and social media interconnectivity. The users can easily share the track conditions along with the analysis of their performance and statistics to the friends on social media. Users can also help the other SKIIOT friends to gain positive skiing experience.

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SKIIOT can be ordered from €349.00 from company’s official website.

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