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Skiing just got perfect with this wearable!


PIQ, French company, is a big name in sports wearable devices. They are constantly looking for different methods to change the sports scene. Now, the company has partnered with a ski equipment company called Rossignol. The reason behind this venture is to develop a sensor which will be strapped to your ski boot.

The new sensor will be waterproof so that you have no problem with it in the snow regions. The sensor will come with a accelerometer, gyroscope, magnometer and a pressure sensor. These means will serve as the host for collecting data.

The wearer will have an access to air time,edge to edge speed, rotation data, G-force and carving angle. The plus point of the wearable is that you can wear it and get benefits regardless of the fact if you are professional or not.

The tracker will have a connected iOS or Android app, which will deliever data to you within no time. All of the data will be stored, as soon as it is gathered and you will be able to view and analyze it after your skiing session. The data recorded will also incorporate your best jump, best turn etc. You can later share your best angles with all the other PIQ users or to the social media.

PIQ is really a good company. We, already have testament to its products through Babolat tennis tracker and Mobitte golf sensor. These products are the testament of company’s geniuses. The new Skiing sensor will be beneficial for those regions were this sport is considered as a common game. The users will be able to improve themselves for tournaments and competitions. Moreover, the occassional players or tourists who skii on the dangerous areas will have a medium to warm themselves.

The wearable sensor is available to pre-order at company’s official website for £108. This is the discount price until 12 January and after that the sensor will set you back £144.


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