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SimyBall – A Game Controller That Controls Your Anxiety

Fidget Spinners, fidget cubes and other anxiety busting toys were all the rage last year. The Viennese start-up SimyLife has developed a mobile game controller and biofeedback device in ball form. SimyBall is a brilliant innovation as it helps you connect with your body by telling you how much stress your body is dealing with and how much more can it handle.

SimyBall has integrated sensors, so when you hold the ball in your hands, it provides you feedback about the level of stress you are in, in a matter of seconds. These sensors measure your heartbeat, skin conductance and skin temperature. A color coding system informs you of the amount of stress you are in. Blue implies that you’re completely relaxed; green stands for relaxed; yellow demonstrates that you’re stressed – while red implies that your feelings of anxiety are at their breaking point, and you should take some time out for an unwinding session with the SimyBall as quickly as time permits.

SimyGames offer guided relaxation and breathing exercises, mental strength training games and interactions with a digital coach. You can also play SimyGames through your SimyBall through movement interaction. Your recorded vital signs are also integrated in your game results and determine your success. The software can run on smartphones, tablets and PCs so you can play it anywhere you want even in the office. If you are having a stressful day, SimyBall can help you get relaxed within minutes.

SimyBall was the WT Innovator of the Year in Lifestyle.

Simyball was The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® Innovator of the Year 2018 (Lifestyle category)

Laraib Zafar
A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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