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Simon Hill slams VAR, Calls it unfair


Analyst at Fox Sports Football, Mr Simon Hill has slammed newly introduced Video Assistant Referee Technology after all the controversy it caused during the Premier League game between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs.

As a result of a debateable call made by VAR, Manchester City were denied a goal against Tottenham Hotspurs which cost two valuable points early in the season. This caused quite a dispute between the experts over the use of technology in the sport and weather it is developed enough to be in use.

Some experts, including Simon Hill, have criticized the technology saying that the use of this technology has only brought dissatisfaction and disappointment to the fans of football so far. Simon Hill believes that the control should be in the premises of human judgement.

“I’ve never liked this VAR system. I think goal line technology is more than enough. I would much rather hand control back to the referees,” Simon Hill Stated. “Tell the coaches and players to behave themselves and let’s accept that human behaviour is a part of football and all sports.”

According to Hill, football has grown a lot around the globe in last few years and so has technology. Both these factors have influenced a lot in building the narrative that the introduction of technology will only improve the fan experience and overall industry of sports. But he believes that human error of judgement plays a huge part on a bigger canvas of sports.

“Unfortunately, with the advance of technology and the huge profile of the game globally, fans, coaches and players refuse to accept the authority of the referees and the fact that they are human and occasionally they will make mistakes.

“It’s hugely unfair but this is the world we live in, it’s a gold fish bowl. The VAR was brought in to be fair for the right reasons. It was brought in to help the refs, but I think it has heaped even more pressure on them now”.