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ShotTracker -The Basketball Wearable That Automatically Tracks You Makes And Misses

ShotTracker- The Basketball Wearable That Automatically Tracks You Makes And Misses

ShotTracker system has sensors which transform your Basketball game magically. It is basically a three piece system which tracks all your makes and misses. The system consists of a net-mountable sensor, a diminutive wrist sensor, and a mobile app. The app connects to the sensors with the help of Bluetooth.

There are different embedded sensor products which can be obtained for different situations. The original kit comes along with a wristband along with a slot for the 1-by-2-inch sensor. There is also a compression sleeve if you want to pair it with the wrist sensor.

Wall Mountable Net Sensor

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As mentioned, ShotTracker is comprised of 3 components. When a shooter shoots, the wrist sensor sends a signal that a shot was attempted. The net sensor sends a signal indicating if the shot was made or missed. Both signals are sent to the mobile device where the ShotTracker App keeps track of your shooting stats.

ShotTracker sensor tracks all your basketball movements, the shots you have missed and the successful goals etc. The sensors send all the collected data to the compatible app, which apart from tracking also has a complete workout menu for you. The users can easily view their stats as well as compete with the other ShotTracker users.

Compression Sleeve

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The separate portion of the app which is the customization feature is exclusive for coaches. From there, the coaches and the trainers can easily create and share their own workout plans with the teammates. ShotTracker app will also help the trainers to simulate results using different player lineups. The tracker can also easily map the location of the player on the court to within 4 inches. The system also has algorithms to ignore pump fakes, dribbles, and other non-shooting actions.

The water-resistant sensor has a battery life of 8 hours and the net sensor can run up to three months of single charge. The net-mounted unit is weatherproofed, and it’s designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor courts.

The ShotTracker package is available for $149.99. However, you can also buy the products individually. The order can be placed here.


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