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Shot Scope is ready to shoot your Golf Game up!


golf-wearableSports wearables for golf are gaining momentum and we are seeing more companies developing solutions for both amateurs and professionals players. These includes several GPS enabled watches for golf over the last few months but we have not seen a fully comprehensive solution as Shot Scope. One reason is that the Shot Scope team includes not only technology experts but also includes famous golfers such as Walker Cup player (Gavin Dear) who have given input into the design and functionality.

With more and more science applied to the data, Shot scope is no different. It does beep or alert you for anything. Instead, the Scope’s band is just a background wearable which collects the data when you are busy in striking a clean shot.

“Shot Scope has the potential to revolutionize the shot tracking sector” commented Hoyt McGarity, CEO of True Spec Golf (the number 1 custom fitting company), “being fully automatic is key and it will be a great tool for the golfer to improve and learn about their game.”

Apart from wearing a wrist band you will also have to insert some specific tags into the grip of golf clubs. As soon as you power up for the nice golf game, Shot Scope’s latest ClubSense technology will sense which attached club you are using. The data will be automatically recorded. The GPS is also a part of the band which will track your and locate your pin position on the golf course. After you are done with your game, the data will be synchronized through Bluetooth to a Smartphone app. You can also view your data over desktop using their website.

The company claims that its unique band can provide you with over 100 statistics to help play to their strengths on the course and work on weaknesses off it. Some of the statistics it can provides you includes hole analysis, tee shots, short game putting, and individual hole analysis. You can also compare your best stats and result with other golf players through the app.

The amazing band by Shot Scope is currently up for pre-order on the company’s official website. Shot Scope will be launched to the industry on January 27th at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, USA.

David Hunter commented “The golf world has been extremely supportive throughout the development of Shot Scope.  European Tour golfers, professionals, college golfers, and amateur golfers have provided input into the design and are keen to start using Shot Scope in 2016.”

The price for the early birds (until April 2016) is $225 and will increase to $280 in US where as in UK, the price price is set for £180 and will increase to £225. The pre-orders will be shipped in April.

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