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ShockBox Wearable Sensor For Athletes Alerts The Coaches For Concussions

Helmets are supposed to protect the athletes from certain head injuries which even may lead to concussions. However, if the player has hit hard enough the injury or hard impact is bound to happen. But with the help of Shockbox system, the coaches will instantly be alerted when the player receives the injury and when they should worry about the intensity of it.

Shockbox sensor is attached to the top or the inside of the helmet with the help of a 3M adhesive tape. All the sports including football, hockey, snow sports and other games leading to concussions are eligible for this sensor. With the help of an accelerometer, the sensor detects the intensity of an impact even when the Helmet is worn.

ShockBox Wearable Sensor For Athletes Alerts The Coaches For Concussions

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As soon as the ball hits the helmet, the sensor detects if the hit is severe or not. If the hit is intense, the sensors immediately send the detailed data to an Android or iOS app with the help of Bluetooth. The app alerts with the data to the coaches. Algorithms used in that app process the data, calculating the magnitude and direction of the impact, and advise the phone’s user of the likelihood of brain injury.

If the app indicates that an immediate attention is needed to the player, it also guides the users or the coaches to the number of symptoms which should be checked along with the memory loss and the balance test of the player. If the app decides that the real-time medical attention should be given to the player, it will take the user to a list of contacts – both general emergency contacts, and family contacts suggested by that player.

ShockBox Wearable Sensor For Athletes Alerts The Coaches For Concussions

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What’s significant is that up to 128 sensors can be paired with one Smartphone. It means that a single coach can easily look after the whole team. The app also keeps a track on the number of hits received by each player and allows impact data to be sent along to medical personnel, parents, or any other people concerned.

The Shockbox sensor has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The sensor can be ordered from here and will set you around $179.00 – $185.00 back for all the sports.

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