Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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SHFT IQ – Virtual Running Coach with artificial intelligence

SHFT IQ is the world’s first virtual running coach with artificial intelligence. It will help you run better and faster. SHFT IQ accurately track and analyze your full body running style and statistics, through one intelligent pod. Your running information is translated into actionable, simple and real time coaching instructions. You can get instructions tailored for you and improvise your performance with every run.

SHFT IQ is designed by experts to help runners in enhancing their technique, prevent injuries, correct bad habits and make them run right. They want runners worldwide to become faster, better and happier. This first virtual running coach with artificial intelligence, is a group of passionate runners, who wish to make all runners run right. Whether you run only once, weekly or monthly, this virtual coach of yours will rectify your techniques of running. Moreover, SHFT IQ gives you instructions as you run in order to unlock your running potential. This virtual coach is always ready for a run whenever you want to. You do not only get help with translation of you running data to real-time voice coaching during your run, but this device is also there for you before and after. You always expect personal coach reports and complete run stats after every run but this device will also check up on you between runs to keep your motivation going.

SHFT IQ has an award winning design, weighs light and have a long battery life along with Bluetooth connection. It measures your running style, giving real time feedback and the coach report after each run. It compares your data in both, app and portal. In order to develop SHFT IQ and virtual coach, researches are made on running and metabolic costs of the running movement. When the pod is placed on your foot or your chest, this device measures many of your body movements using Intel’s Curie module built in neural networks which are then sent to the app from the pod via Bluetooth.

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