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Shares Of Apple Watch Rise In The Wearable Market By The Conclusion Of 3Q17

Shipments of Apple elevated by 52.4% in the third quarter of 2017. Apple finished its 3Q17 with 10.3% share in worldwide wearables market. This is a significant rise if we consider the 7.3% share it had in the global wearable market just a year earlier in 3Q16. Shipments from Apple elevated to an impressive figure of 2.7 million from mere 1.8 million units. This elevation marked a 52.4% rise in the shipments. Global shipments of the wearables jumped up to a gigantic 26.3 million goods in 3Q17 which roughly ensures a 7.3% increase of shipments in global market. Xiaomi from China and Fitbit is leading the worldwide market of wearables with their massive 13.7% shares. Huawei comes right next to these giants with its 6% share while Garmin also has a 4.9% share in global wearable market.

Shipments of Xiaomi saw a 3.3% leap YoY (year-over-year) in 3rd quarter of 2017, it was Fitbit who suffered the most with its 33% decline. Huawei’s shipments saw a massive 156.4% increase while Garmin also fell 3.3% in this time period.

Last year, Apple released its third version of Apple watch. Fitbit also debuted its smartwatch called the Ionic. Apple Watch contested neck and neck with Ionic. Even though Apple does not release the figures of Apple Watch officially but as approximated by International Data Corporation, market share of Apple Watch has risen and its shipments have seen a YoY rise for first nine months of 2017.

IDC (International Data Corporation) reported that “Xiaomi posted a slight year-over-year decrease in volume with a diversification beyond fitness bands and watches and adding its own line of smart footwear….Huawei posted the largest year-over-year growth among the leading vendors, showing a re-dedication to fitness bands with several new models (including the Sport Band 2 Pro, B19 and B29) and an introduction to smart ear-wear with its Sport Pulse Earphones that track heart rate in addition to audio. Like Xiaomi, the majority of Huawei’s shipments remained in China.”

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