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SevenSix Player App Analyses Tennis Swings with Computer Vision Technology

SevenSix Player App Analyses Tennis Swings with Computer Vision Technology. A Norwegian based start-up, the SevenSix aims to employ digital technology and latest trends to analyse players’ performances and coaching techniques.

Initially, they began with an online video coaching program which had a global reach. Coaches and players worldwide got access to this uniform platform, resulting in a wide sharing of experiences, techniques and strategies. Coaches had a wide network to reach to a greater number of students. The players can upload their videos of their shots and share it with the coach they have selected. Besides this, more data from smart apps and sensors could also be integrated like FitBit, Zepp etc. The coach will then provide a complete feedback of the video clip and also suggest him ways to further improve his play. Also, he will give related advice regarding training that he must do, how much more practice is needed and so on.




Now, SevenSix has developed a smart app that employs computer vision technology aid. SevenSix Player App Analyses Tennis Swings quite accurately. This will automatically analyse the players swings and shots and provide a critical report. The player will use his phone on a tripod to capture the video of his tennis swing. The app will detect the move and the corresponding body movement. It will analyse the swing curve, timings and the impact point.

Finally, the app is then responsible for providing a complete statistics regarding the data it has received. It will provide a total score based on the different factors on the basis of which it has analysed. There are built in metrics, the players score is compared to the standards.

This app has greatly reduced the use of additional sensors and hardware. The player now needs only a smartphone and a tripod. this app is a major addition to SevenSix previous online platform. It requires a monthly subscription fee, but the first 30 day trial period is totally free.


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