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Servers Outage at FitBit Causes Problems in Syncing Services


FitBit servers saw an outage which caused problems across regions of Europe, Australia and North America. It took a while to bring everything back on track as this outage managed to keep the syncing services and the website of FitBit down for a while in the meantime.

Normally you can fix syncing problems on your FitBit device by restarting it, reconnecting the Bluetooth or updating the firmware. But even these could not have helped you as the problem was never in the device to begin with. A sudden surge in search for syncing services problem rose at the time of server crash which lead the people to finding out that the problem was never at their end and it was entirely an issue at FitBit.

The problem appeared at around 11PM Greenwich Time on February 15th when a huge number of users reported sync issues appearing in their smartwatches and wristbands. There were also reports of issues in app log in and accessing the FitBit website. Although problems like these are not unusual, but the issue here was very serious. Users in United States and Canada were affected the most by the problem. While users in Europe and Australia also had to go through this issue as well. January 29th also saw a similar kind of problem and so did December 3rd but the extent of the problem at both of these instances was considerably small.

FitBit responded swiftly to the problem as their support team sent out a tweet and posted on other platforms of social media as well. They notified their users about facing an issue and they were working on dealing with it. The crisis has been averted now and the problem no longer exists. It is recommended to keep in mind that panicking in such situation does not help and trying to reinstall apps just adds to your worries. All you need to do is to go about your day as usual and wait for the things to get back to normal on their own.

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