Sensoria Fitness Socks Are For Athletes Who Run!


Sensoria Inc. is a big name in sports wearable tech world. The company has come up with lots of interesting products but nothing could defeat its unique Fitness Socks. The innovative socks are one step ahead of the mainstream fitness trackers and sports products.

The Sensoria Fitness Socks are actually meant for the athletes and runners. The socks have built-in sensors along with pressure sensors which measure metrics of the runners. The important metrics include distance covered by a runner, speed and altitude, and the calories burnt during the run etc.

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Sensoria Fitness Socks Are For Athletes Who Run!

With the help of the GPS, the wearers can keep a track of their route taken for the run. Apart from all the amazing statistics, the Sensoria Fitness Socks also have a Virtual Coach. The coach provides the users with an instant feedback on their run through audio and video messages.

The socks fitted with sensors also has an anklet which sends all the important statistics and the required data to the connected Smartphone app. The Sensoria Fitness app is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. The app has a range of different statistics and helps athletes know their run data in a proper and a beneficial way. The data gathered from the sensors and the anklet can help the runners prevent injuries and track the goals of the runners.

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Sensoria Fitness Socks Are For Athletes Who Run!

The company on its website description of the product states that;

“Sensoria socks are infused with proprietary 100% textile sensors. They are paired with a Bluetooth Smart cool and detachable anklet that not only delivers superior accuracy in step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking but goes well beyond that to track cadence, foot landing technique as you walk and run.

Sensoria may help you identify injury-prone running styles (heel striking, ball striking, etc), then leverages a mobile app to coach the runner in real-time via audio cues. The Sensoria dashboard can also help achieve goals, improve performance and reduce the risk of gravitating back to bad tendencies.”

Sensoria Fitness Socks Are For Athletes Who Run!

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The Sensoria Fitness socks are available for $199. The product will include two pairs of smart socks, one electronic anklet, one anklet charger and a dedicated mobile application. The package can be ordered from here.


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