Sensmi Wearable Band Manages Stress And Helps Relax Athletes And All!


Wristbands and activity trackers have found a new way to divulge deeper into the wearable world. This tech is no longer restricted to simple step tracking or calories counting etc. And, the Sensmi band is the newest member trying to break the chains of simple counting and activity tracking etc.

Instead of focusing on fitness, the Sensmi band focuses more on stress management, proper mind rest and novel ways of meditation. The founding company has claimed that the Sensmi band is the first to introduce stress management along with activity tracking. In order to complete the production of the product and to get the exposure, the company has also launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

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Sensnmi Wearable Band Manages Stress And Helps Relax Athletes And All!

The Sensmi band works on the Galvic Skin Response or GSR. This is the response of the natural body to stress, instant nerves and excitement. The wearable monitor the Skin response with the help of a built-in biosensor. After collecting all the necessary data, it uses a specific algorithm to provide action points and feedback. The feedback and the data provided, in turn, help in reducing stress and manage the stress conditions etc.

Sensmi Wearable Band Manages Stress And Helps Relax Athletes And All!
Sensmi App Tells You About Your Stress Levels During The Night Too!

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What’s more is that the Sensmi band is employing all the tactics to relax and make the wearer stress free. Users can also use the wristband at night during sleep. Again, with the help of GSR sensor, sleep patterns are observed and examined. The bio-data gives users advice on improving sleep and identifies the stress levels before going to bed. The new band also provides the users with a worthy advice as to why they are facing poor quality sleep.

After telling you all the data, the Sensmi connected app will also recommend various ways and breathe exercises which will help to relax users. After users follow the advice, the app will tell them in the real-time if the exercise worked or not. The motive behind this instant feedback is to gauge stress levels, reasons and their remedies for it.

Sensmi Wearable Band Manages Stress And Helps Relax Athletes And All!
The Sensmi App keeps You Updated With Your Progress

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The Sensmi band is stylish and can comfortably be worn throughout the day. The band is water-resistant. The app is available for both iOS and Android. The wristband will be able to work for seven days on a single charge. It is available for just $100 from the Indiegogo for backers. The Sensmi band would retail at $210 after it is properly launched.

The new stress wearable will be most important for athletes and sports players. It will help them in managing their stress and get a relief from their hectic routine during intense games and leagues. The Sensmi is important for all, but it opens new doors for athletes who have trouble sleeping or managing their stress.




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