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SenseON Is Clinically Accurate Heart Rate Monitor For Workout Enthusiasts


You sacrifice accuracy when it comes to measuring your body’s functions like heart or breathing rate? Knowing your boundaries means understanding when to push your limits and when you are in danger of overtraining. That’s why we recommend you SenseON. SenseON is the one of its kind wearable patches. It is the first clinically accurate heart rate monitor that’s incredibly comfortable to wear.

SenseON is the best device if you are a workout enthusiast or an athlete pushing yourself far too much from the limits. It directly attaches to the users with a flexible design and lightweight. So you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing it. Every time you workout or perform any athletic activity, get the feedback through the Smartphone app and see if your heart rate is optimal or not. Get all of your fitness data in one place. SenseON tracks total steps, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate recovery, etc.

The device is “clinically accurate” for tracking heart rate, breath rate, and activity. It’s also aimed at being extremely comfortable, weighing 0.4 ounces and being flexible enough to move with your body. SenseON automatically collects your individual HR zones, track real-time HR zones, and provides users with a full report after each workout including an HR zone analysis and time spent working out in each specific zone.

Apart from keeping your heart on a perfect pace and providing you with perfect heart data, SenseOn is easy to wear and deal. What’s more, is that it has a portable charging case in the base. When you are done working out, simply put it back into the case and it will conveniently be charged for your next workout. The case delivers 8 full charges and each charge is good for 20 hours of continuous use. Additionally, by using specially designed medical grade tape, SenseOn can resist sweat and water, giving you the freedom to train like you always do.

As mentioned, the wearable stick on your armpits and connected with the Smartphone app. SenseOn completed its crowdfunding on Indiegogo where it was available for the discount of $80. The shipment will start by September 2016.

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