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Sensaura Tracks Emotions From Any Wearable You Want

Sensaura Tracks Emotions From Any Wearable You Want

The emotion sensing and stress wearables are doing a pretty good job in handling the emotional wellbeing and mental health of the wearers. These wearables monitor the stress and the situations of the wearers and gauge what makes them happy or sad.

Emotion-sensing wearables can easily be called as the latest trends of the wearable tech world. However, Sensaura has found a new way to track your mental health through wearables. The Montreal-based software startup wants to utilize the wearable users already have in order to understand their feelings and actions.

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All users have to do is to buy the wearable of their choice or to use the wearable they already own. Sensaura, with the help of an AI algorithm, will pair up with various different trackers with the help of its connected Smartphone app. The app, through an algorithm, will perform an analysis based on the heart rate and the skin conductivity of the users. The algorithm in the discussion is specially created by the company’s CTO Mojtaba Khomami.

We have already told you and different reports have also confessed that heart rate monitoring from the wrist is not as effective as the wristband companies claim it to be. However, Sensaura is confident over its software’s abilities to work with any sort of wearable.

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Galvanic skin response sensor tech is one of the effective ways of gauging the emotions of the person. However, many different sensors are working hard to make other ways more reliable. By collecting all the received data, the app will fit them all into an emotion matrix.

The company has also claimed that the data collected by Sensaura app will help app developers get an insight into the lives of the users. But, the startup has big plans and aims to use its software to famous wearables like Jawbone, Fitbit and much more.

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Sensaura also plans on making its own hardware a reality. If the algorithm is reliable and it turns out to be as good as it sounds, then my bets are with Sensaura. We already have new and new fitness and feelings trackers swimming in every day. An app effective and capable of working through any wearable you want will be a breath of fresh air for the users. The company also claims that it will help athletes cope up with their emotions during the intense and high-pitched games and will help them improve their performance. A multi-tasking app it is!

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