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Seiko Epson Ready to Take Over International Market With New J-300 & J-307


The Japan based global leaders in field of technology, Seiko has recently came up with two models of Epson wearable labelled, J-300 and J-307. The two variants are reported to be approved and certified by United States Federal Communications Commission. As per their news release, the Seiko Epson J-300 and J-307 are shaped as smart watches with multiple functions.

According to the company, both the devices are created to be compatible with contemporary smart phones. While the J-307 comes with a Seiko Epson’s own built ProSense technology, both models carry GPS facility and features Bluetooth for synchronization with smartphones.

Seiko Epson J-300 and J-307 comes with a specially designed 4-pin charging pod.

Currently in the trail stages for 6 months after their launch in July, both the products have been planned to be fully launched later in January 2018 in both United States and Canada, with few hardware differences. During this trial period, no more updates will be unveiled, as per reports.

The Japanese Tech giants Seiko Epson are all set to bring out another wearable, IFA Berlin in September this year which looks like a good opportunity to seize the market.