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SCULPTBODY combines “Body And Technology” for athletes and all


BeautyBODY has just debuted into wearable world with “the most complex wearable suit with true sport intelligence.” The wearable Smart clothes by the novel company are named as SCULPTBODY.

SCULPTBODY is the wearable clothes which can manage your health, control your body, weight, food and your time schedule for exercises. The wearable tracks all the vitals of your body and alert them to you, within no time. You can get all the information at any place, at any time! You can also track how your body performs during exercises and rest time etc.

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SCULPTBODY is a set of long sleeves shirt and tight leggings. Both of the clothing is fitted with sensors and are connected to a tiny box which monitors all your activities. The fabric of the Smart clothes is made of biosensing silver fibers. It collects all the vital biometric data during your gyming and workout session, store them into cloud. In the cloud, all the data is converted into performance-tracking fitness data via a series of algorithms.

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As soon as you performance is tracked and gauged, it is transferred on your connected Smartphone or tablet. On your device, you can see all the important information along with performance stats as your beats per minute. Body Mass Index (BMI), Moderate activity (Maintenance/ Warm up during your work out) VO2 Max (Maximum effort), Anaerobic (Hardcore training), Weight control (fitness/ fat burn), Aerobic (Cardio training, endurance), etc are all measured by SCULPTBODY.

From athletes to normal fitness enthusiasts, SCULPTBODY helps all to improve their lifestyle and makes them healthy. It will help you improve your stamina, decrease your stress and will make you efficient in many ways. You will also be guided with proper diet plan and exercise programs. SCULPTBODY also alarms you about prospective injuries.

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SCULPTBODY will revolutionize the sport wearable market in many ways. This is how the company has prepared to fight against its competitors;

SCULPTBODY is up on Indiegogo since 9 days and plans to stay for another 52 days. Unfortunately, BeautyBODY has been unable to raise any amount for its upcoming clothing till now. So, if you are inspired by the idea and the product than back it now.


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