Scott Cadence – The World’s Fastest Cycling Helmet


Cycling and safety go hand in hand. The cyclists have to be very careful while riding to protect themselves from any serious injuries. Athletes have to be very careful during races so that the excessive adrenaline rush won’t get them in any trouble!

The cycling world’s one of the biggest events Tour de France is fast approaching and is just three days away. This is why Swiss company Scott Sports and Sports Engineer from the University of Adelaide have partnered and developed the world’s fastest road cycling helmet called as The Scott Cadence Plus helmet.

Scott Cadence - The World's Fastest Cycling Helmet

In order to test legitimacy and reliability of the helmet, Australian cycling team will use the wearable during the much awaited Tour de France competition starting three days from now on July 2nd. The helmet was just launched last week.

The Scott Cadence Plus Helmet has been built with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) technology. The tech ensures that this high-end helmet will protect the users from any sort of head damage, be it tough or light. However, the difference between Scott Cadence and the other aero road helmets available nowadays is that it has an ability to achieve ultimate speed by temporarily sealing off front ventilation.

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There are three separate removable plugs in the front of the Scott Cadence Helmet. The purpose of the plugs it increases the intense inverse relationship between helmet speed and helmet ventilation. The helmet is claimed 5 seconds faster over 24.8 miles when compared to the other helmets available today.

Scott Cadence - The World's Fastest Cycling Helmet

Richard Kelso, Associate Professor in the University of Adelaide’s School of Mechanical Engineering, said;

“One of the most satisfying aspects of this project was seeing all the science and engineering ‘brought to life’ in this product, and knowing that professional riders will be wearing the helmet in both the Tour de France and the Rio Olympics. Our goal was to produce a helmet design with the lowest drag possible, but also to ensure the rider’s head is well cooled and, above all, well protected.”

Kelso continued;

“From an aerodynamics perspective, the Scott Cadence Plus performs better than any of the leading helmets in the market today. Depending on the helmet it’s tested against, this new helmet could provide anywhere from a 0.2-metre to a 2-metre advantage over its competitors in a bunch sprint. In professional cycling terms, that could make the difference between wearing the winning jersey or not.”

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Scott Cadence - The World's Fastest Cycling Helmet

There are two more helmets which the partnership launched for Australia’s ORICA-GreenEDGE Cycling team to test technology in action. The Scott Cadence Plus Helmet and the Centric Plus helmet, which is claimed to provide a cooling effect that exceeds the comfort of having no helmet on at all, will be the official gear of the team.

Both the helmets are of utmost importance for the cyclists all around the world. The Cadence Plus will be available by the end of this year for nearly $200. The Centric Plus will also be launched side by side with a price tag of approximately $250. The helmets have already proven to be the leaders in the cycling world. We can clearly bet that they are the best cycling helmets available anywhere around the world.


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