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Saving worker’s lives, one smart safety shoe at a time.

Research shows that every 15 seconds a worker dies from a work related accident or disease. The figure is expected to grow due to increased risk of growing aggression. Intellinium has created the first smart safety shoes, which will make their own decision to protect and save the lives of workers.

How it works?

Intellenium has introduced a first of its kind smart shoes which will enable workers to send and receive messages without using their hands or a smart phone. A patented FSR or Force Sensor Membrane acts as an activation button. The button can be activated using the toes and a sequence can be started based on a two character alphabet similar to the Morse code, to send alerts and messages. Moreover, right and left vibrating motors and a 90dB buzzer can alert the worker to evacuation alerts or be used to send MAYDAY messages to the employer.

A dashboard and a cloud based REST API provide data and worker employer field communication. Dashboard also helps with real time worker alert check ins and allows group messages such as emergency evacuation alerts.


Smartphone Integration

Although the FSR has abolished the need for a smartphone, but a mobile application is still available as an option. A patented lateral casing on the shoe allows for effortless smartphone integration. End users can also use the app to configure some parameters and visualize data and alerts. Sometimes the shoe scan also connect to an available smartphone to save energy and to send or receive data.

Reducing Economic and Environmental Burdens

The cost of work related accidents represents billions which if saved, can be used to improve worker lives and create more jobs. These  mass produced, non obtrusive and discrete shoes are the perfect PPE which can prevent hundreds of workplace accidents and ultimately reduce the economic burden for companies and communities while improving working standards. Moreover, these shoes are a low carbon solution since they reduce the amount of equipment worn by the worker.

Anoosha Iqbal
A medic-in-making by day, an enthusiast for crazy side projects by night.

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