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Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Watch Gets Blood Pressure Measurement Clearance

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea has granted clearance to Samsung to incorporate blood pressure measurement feature in its upcoming Galaxy Watch which would allow the users to check their blood pressure, measured directly from their wrists. This feature will also let the users to calibrate and sync initial reading with a medical sphygmomanometer.

Samsung had a feature for blood pressure measurement in experimental stages prior to this. This feature was made available to the residents of few countries in early 2019. This feature was made available through a smartphone application which was developed in collaboration with Samsung and  University of California in San Francisco.

Getting the approval by Ministry of Food and Drugs Safety in South Korea is a huge achievement for feature and how it is going to move forward. Thus, Samsung’s blood pressure measuring technology is first of its kind to not use a cuff. Instead, it uses optical sensor and analysis of the pulse wave.

Omron unveiled its Blood Pressure Measuring device as well last year which also worked around the wrist of the wearer. The difference between it and Samsung is that Omron used a small-scale cuff which inflates inside it to take the blood pressure reading.

“The Samsung Health Monitor app has the potential to help millions of people around the world who are affected by high blood pressure,” said Taejong Jay Yang “This is one of many examples of how Samsung is integrating its best-in-class hardware with the latest software innovations to innovate mobile experiences.” He is the Corporate Senior Vice President Head of Health Team, Mobile Communications Business for Samsung Electronics.

The Samsung Health Monitor application is still under development but receiving certification to be a Medical Device raises its standard by default. According to speculations, this smartphone application will be launched for consumers around the world during late this year.

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