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Samsung’s alleged activity tracker revealed!

Samsung's alleged activity tracker revealed!

2016 is the year of all the fitness-related wearables. Even the biggest of the names are jumping into this market to earn more name and fame. If the recent reports turn out to be true then we have our very first hint towards the popularity of the fitness tracking world. As per the recent rumors, which somehow seem quite on point, Samsung’s much talked about fitness tracker is final among us.

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The wearable in question is Samsung Triathlon which in looks is a sibling of Samsung Gear S2. The device carries the model number of SM-R150. Most of the readers would be thinking that the previously rumored Samsung Triathlon was supposed to be a cheap activity band for all. But the North Korean company might have forgotten about the claim while manufacturing the device.

Samsung's alleged activity tracker revealed!

Well, no matter what we have a piece of Samsung’s fitness tracking among us. With the alleged rotating bezel, circular metal frame and a rubber band the new tracker is an improvement of the Gear S2. Moreover, the OS and UI are also by Tizen. The leaked pictures also represent that there would be a water intake recorder, heart rate monitor and a rep counter on board.

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Among the many rumored images, there is also a confirmation that the tracker would be clipped to a user. The image demonstrated the tracker pinned onto the sweatshirt of the user. This implies that the tracker would be worn through various ways.

Samsung's alleged activity tracker revealed!

As for the Samsung‘s success, there are tons of other fitness trackers already hovering on the bodies of people. Moreover, most of the best trackers are available for cheap too. Keeping this in mind and also knowing that the Samsung Triathlon would be anything but cheap, we can guess that the device would face some problems while launch.

But, good news for Samsung is that the Triathlon is quite slender, sleek and stylish looking in experience. So the fashion police and style nerds who want to stay fit too, can look towards Samsung’s new fitness tracker.

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