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Samsung Watch Active 2 is yet to Launch Its ECG functionality

Around nine months have passed since the launch of Samsung Watch Active 2. There are still no signs of ECG functionality in this smartwatch being enabled for the users. According to Samsung, we can expect to see the functionality in the later months of 2020.

Samsung Watch Active 2 is up for grabs for users across the world since September of last year. It was promised by Samsung that this device carries ECG technology (which stands for ElectroCardiogram). This technology was supposed to be enabled for the users some time in the future. Nine months have passed since and there is still not a single hint of this technology being enabled.

Electrocardiogram technology takes down electrical readings of the activity of your heart. The rhythm of your heart can be observed from the display screen of your device. This information makes you aware of the performance of your heart and whether it is beating normally.

According to Samsung Customer Service:  “The functions of ECGs and blood pressure measurement can be implemented via the My BP Lab app, but so far these are only available in other countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and others. There are no plans to introduce these functions on the German market at the moment.” However this statement is not entirely true as the feature is not available in USA, UK, Australia or Canada either as of now.

Another response by Samsung Customer Service to question by one of the customers reads: “The Galaxy Watch Active 2 should still receive the long-promised ECG functionality, but only between the third and fourth quarters, i.e. towards the end of the year.”

These responses just raise more questions instead of answering any and for now it seems like all we can do is wait and see for any confirmation by Samsung Officials.

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