Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Samsung Unveils New Wearables in Indian Market

Samsung India has given something to cheer about to Generation Z and millennials in India by announcing a brand new line of exciting and affordable Galaxy wearables. Galaxy Watch Active has already left its mark on global wearables market and along with Galaxy Fit, it is all ready to shake Indian wearables market a little. This move will most certainly keep Samsung in Indian wearables market as one of the top players.

“Our new range of wearables brings our hardware and ecosystem to a new segment of users. All three products pack in state-of-the-art hardware and sensing capabilities. Galaxy Watch Active is a beautifully crafted sports watch that truly embodies our “DoWhatYouCan’t” philosophy by bringing segment-first use cases of stress management and Blood Pressure monitoring to users. The Galaxy Fit and Fit e give users a first time access to the rich ecosystem of Samsung Health with never before features like 90+ activity trackers. Our approach to the wearable experience, driven always by the principle of meaningful innovations, entails not just brilliant hardware but a path of progress for the user through newer and exciting experiences that keeps his journey engaging and interesting,” said Aditya Babbar. She is the director of Mobile Business in Samsung India.

With its fashionable look, Galaxy Watch Active is really appealing to not only teenagers and people in their early twenties but also people of other ages as well who are working hard to improve their fitness and health. It has a slim new design with lighter body and smooth shape, and this all makes it very appealing. Along with the appearance, Galaxy Watch Active is also designed to offer effortless navigation.

Galaxy Fit E and Galaxy Fit, on the other hand, are not your usual mainstream wristbands. With their sleek design, light weight body and sporty look, Galaxy Fit E and Galaxy Fit have attracted a lot of attention from athletes, casual runners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

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