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Samsung to Launch Next Galaxy Watch in Three Colour Options


Samsung is working on successor of Samsung Galaxy Watch and we might end up seeing one soon, according to various rumours. Latest one of these rumours suggests that the next Galaxy Watch will offer three colour variants and one with body made out of stainless steel.

The original Galaxy Watch was unveiled around two years ago back in August of 2018. It introduced many high end features and definitely left a mark on wearables market. It had LTE support, fitness trackers, GPS connectivity, water resistivity and it all was matched by a fair price tag. Last year, in February, Samsung Introduced Galaxy Watch Active starwatche along with two smart wrist bands which were named Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit-e. Only six month later, Samsung introduced the successor to Galaxy Watch Active with the release of Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Rumours suggest that next in line is Galaxy Watch 2 which is in works under product moniker SM-R840/845. SM-R845 is expected to be the cellular version out of the two. Considering previous versions and their model number, SM-R840/845 may be the larger variants of the smartwatch while SM-R850/855 might refer to a smaller version. There is no word yet on whether Samsung will keep the 40mm and 44mm size options or not.

Battery capacity of Galaxy Watch 2 is rumoured to be 330mAh which is smaller than that of Galaxy Watch Active 2. Galaxy Watch 2 is also rumoured to debut large internal storage capacity of 8GB which will give more space to the users to add music and applications. Current generation only offer 4GB of internal storage space.

Galaxy Watch 2 is rumoured to be unveiled in three colour variants: Silver, Gold and Black. There will also be a version available in stainless steel but it will only offer two colour options.