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Samsung supposedly working on Pulse, The successor of Gear Sport

Samsung has been rumored to carrying forward a successor to Gear Sport. Codenamed as Pulse, work on the watch has been going around since the first half of December.

Few month ago, Samsung produced the official Galaxy Watch. This suggested a deviation from the Gear brand. Considering the circumstances, it wouldn’t be unlikely for the successor to be called Galaxy Sport. But a slight confusion arises from the model numbers. Gear Sport has been marked SM-R600 while the Galaxy Watch is labelled SM-R500. This might indicate that the Galaxy Watch may not be the complete up-gradation of the Gear.

Gear Sport has been in the market for more than a year now. It has provided its consumer with a unique fitness monitoring experience without losing any of the conventional smartwatch features. All of this makes it a lot more impressive considering its futuristic shape and design. It has a very vibrant colored screen with 1.2-inch display.

It comes equipped with hearbeat sensor, barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer and Global Positioning System. It also supports Samsung’s Pay services through its NFC hardware. Another impressive feature of this Watch is the ability to download and store music directly on it.

Running on Tizen OS, the successor is also loaded with the internal memory of a whooping 4GB which is quite impressive for a watch. Not much else is known about the project so most of the analysis is centered around predictions. It won’t be silly to expect a few changes in design or an enhanced battery life. We may be dealing with other changes too like a change in size or some improvement in display. Samsung is quite invested in popularizing its virtual assistant so the Watch is believed to be equipped with Bixby as well.

Samsung’s plans, as to when the watch will be released to general public, are still very unclear. A launch with Galaxy S10 during the first quarter or the summer of ongoing year are two highly speculated dates. Granted, as mentioned above, it has just been in development for a little more than a month now so it is safe to assume that the summer release has a bigger chance of happening.

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