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Samsung is launching a pair of Smart Shoes for Golfers And Gym Lovers!

Samsung has been working on wearables with full energy. The North Korean company wants to establish its name in this area too. This is why; Samsung’s Creative Lab has unveiled an intriguing new pair of smart shoes that are meant for golfers and fitness enthusiasts.

The Smart shoes or the IOFIT shoes are currently in production by Salted Venture, a spin-off startup from Samsung’s experimental lab. The shoes are meant for all; from golf coaches to fitness geeks everyone can wear them. The shoes are built with sensors fitted on the sole to provide an easy walk. The Bluetooth transmitter is also fitted at the bottom.

Samsung is launching a pair of Smart Shoes for Golfers And Gym Lovers!

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The motion and pressure sensors fitted will measure the force and its impact from different points. All the measurements are combined to find different important elements like weight shift, point of the centre of gravity, ground contact force and balance etc. The users can see the step count, time taken and duration etc for both shoes. The shoes also provide you with instant feedback regarding different complex metrics.

If you opt or the golf pair, there are different videos and coaching software which will help you in improving your game tactics. The battery life of the Wearable smart shoes will be around 7-10 days. The support for wireless charging is available along with the preservation of battery when shoes are not in use.

Samsung is launching a pair of Smart Shoes for Golfers And Gym Lovers!

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The IOFIT fitness and golf shoes are going to be shown off at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona next week. The golf pair will be available at $259 while the fitness ones’ can be grabbed for $199. Both the wearable shoes have discount from 22nd Feb to the 10th March, so the price would be $199 for IOFIT golf shoes and $149 for the gym pair.

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