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Samsung Makes its Health Application Available on its Smart QLED Television

Samsung has rolled out its Health Application to a few of the selected 2020 Samsung Smart QLED Television Models. These televisions were launched in market just a few weeks back in April of this year.

This functionality was expected to be made available on these devices anyway so it is not that big of a surprise to anyone who have been following the tech updates in past few months. Samsung Health is a platform developed by Samsung which is rich in content relating to videos on workout instructions from many well-known instructors. People who have access to all this content will be able to make use of it through their Televisions as well from now on.

Samsung Health application has undergone many renovations over the years. Android Wear v6 particularly brought a big chunk of these renovations. This piece of software assists you in taking care of your health very efficiently by helping you in losing weight, keeping track of your workout and more. There are also features exclusive to the wellbeing of women as well.

“The whole intention of Samsung Health is to motivate our consumers to live healthier lives by meeting them wherever they are, across Samsung platforms,” said Won-Jin Lee. “We knew that to do this, we needed to develop a user-centric and immersive platform that offered a variety of in-home fitness and wellness options. Given the current climate, we hope that the launch of Samsung Health makes it easier for our consumers to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing on a daily basis.” Won-Jin Lee serves at Samsung Electronics as the Executive Vice President of Service Business.

A companion application is needed to be installed on your smartphone before you are able to install and make use of this application on your smart televisions. Both Apple App Store and Play store by Google have this application available.

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