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Samsung is still working on Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG

It has been over six months since the release of Galaxy Watch Active 2 by Samsung however its advertised spec still can’t be seen. It appears that the users will have to wait a little longer to make use of this much awaited feature.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was launched back in August of 2019. Its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch active was launched a little earlier in the same year. The progress in global wearables market has made it competitive and brands have to stay active and follow the trends to keep their part in the competition. That being said, the idea of launching two generations of this smart watch in same year was not appreciated by the consumers. Specially the users of the original Galaxy Watch Active. With only six months between their unveiling, it managed to upset a few users as well.

The second iteration of Galaxy Watch Active had some better features including a sensitive stipe around the watch display which helped in the navigation making things easier. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 also came in more than one size variants unlike the original Galaxy Watch Active which only had one size option. Smaller Galaxy Watch Active 2 had 40mm diameter with S-AMOLED 1.2 inch display and a sharp resolution of 360×360 pixels. Larger version of this watch came with 44mm diameter and 1.4inch display screen.

The watch also saw some other minor design changes in addition to a large battery of 340mAH in LTE version of the watch. The Bluetooth only version of Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a 237mAh battery which is still very impressive for a smart watch. This battery last almost a day in both versions.

However, the biggest update in this smartwatch was an addition of an ECG (Electrocardiogram) sensor to take down ECG readings. Samsung stated that “will be enabled at some point in the future” at the point of launch but users are still waiting to make use of it.

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