Saturday, June 8, 2024

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Samsung Health gets Rid of Calorie tracking and Weight Management

Samsung has officially announced that it will be getting rid of its calorie tracking and caffeine tracking features. It has also announced that weight management feature will be going as well in the upcoming updates of its Health app.

This news was announced first in Germany with and end of service notice which reads following

“Weight management, caffeine and calorie tracking are no longer available in new versions of Samsung Health (starting with 6.11 for Samsung Health Mobile, 4.10 for Samsung Health Galaxy Watch). Clock faces can no longer display this data.”

“Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit users who still use the “Caffeine”, “Weight Management” and “Calories” widgets in older versions will no longer be able to check the content on their phones when downloading Samsung Health Mobile version 6.11. The related data stored in Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit can only be saved temporarily and will be deleted after a certain time.”

There is no definite news as of now around why Samsung is taking such a step. This is very peculiar from Samsung to remove features from its services because the general trend right now is of adding new functions and features and not removing the old ones. Samsung has kept its Health app up to date with many features. Female Health Tracking is one of the examples of these features which was introduced some time ago.

This removal of features will definitely cause some inconvenience for the user especially for those who were making use of this functionalities. Data from above metrics will not be synced to the smart phone application any longer. Data from smart scale will, however, be synced to the application.

You can check the version of your Samsung Health application on your smartphone by going to the “about Samsung Health” section in the settings of your smartphone.

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