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Samsung Goes Hybrid?

The fitness wearable industry is at a major turning point right now. It is facing its highs and lows. Many companies are making drastic decisions or looking for innovations that take their wearables game to a next level. Samsung, a well reputed brand for its Gear 3 and Gear Fit 2, sent an email to its SmartLab Plus Research community to help them come up with a tag line for its new wearable.

So, what’s new you may ask? In their email, they have mentioned that they are working on a new product which will combine the “best bits of Gear 3 and Gear Fit 2″. It will not just be an activity tracker but a fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid.

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Maximum Comfort 

Samsung promises a more comfortable design with a small body and changeable thin watch straps which allows users to personalize the watch as they go. Samsung also hinted at the fact that watch will be water resistant to a point that you can take it for a swim, making sure that it can track various forms of activity.

An All Rounder Hybrid

The company claims that the watch will offer an all rounded fitness tracking for everyone, regardless of their fitness levels. It can be used for “activity tracking, weight/calorie management, active sports and coaching”.

Revised User Interface

Samsung didn’t clarify it completely, but the watch will probably have a “revised user interface” with improved widgets. They are going for a more glanceable look so that it is easier to track progress.

Stay Active

Samsung wants the new product to be an all-day wear. Like other Samsung products it will have an smart inactivity alerts which will send reminders to stay active after a long of inactivity.

This is all the information we have regarding the new product, Samsung hasn’t announced a launch date or price or whether it will be pioneer of a new series or another installment of the Gear line.

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