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Samsung Ahead Smart Helmet Trademarked

Samsung Ahead Smart Helmet Trademarked

Samsung patented for a smart helmet called “Ahead” during the start of this year. The patented piece is basically a triangular device which will connect to the helmet with the help of magnets.

The helmet along with Ahead will pair with the user’s phone through Bluetooth. The users will be able to make phone calls, interact with their phone, and listen to music etc without removing the helmet. The helmet can easily be worn during bike rides and cycling etc, so users will stay connected to the world even on the road.

Samsung Ahead is the project of company’s C-Lab incubator. Now, a trademark filing as been filed for the smart helmet, this clearly indicates that the helmet is under production and is coming to us soon. The application doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming wearable, but it clearly explains that the helmet will have some features borrowed from Google Glass.

The Samsung Ahead Helmet will be suitable for the ski slopes, race tracks, cycling tracks and heavy construction sites and labor works etc.

There will also be a Push to Talk version of the device too. It will support the ability of the users to communicate with many other users at a time. The multiple communications will be done with the help of a two-way radio connection.

There isn’t much available with regard to the working, specifications and working of the Samsung Ahead helmet. We only expect that it will soon be coming our way with enhanced features.

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