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Salu Pulse+ -The First Wellbeing Wearable!


Salu Pulse+ claims to be the world’s most advanced Health and Fitness Wearable. It is the first compact wearable of its kind to measure eBP without the need of a bulky inflatable cuff.

Salu Pulse+ also measures Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Activity, and Pulse Score. These metrics are essential measures of your general health.

The data is stored, tracked, and analyzed for trends and patterns. The users can see the timeline by scrolling left side of the app to see their historical data, and scrolling right to see predicted health & wellness trajectory into the future. The device stores your measurements, and at your convenience can be synced to the Salu App.

Notifications remind and engage users to get involved and become aware of when to take a measure. Salu Pulse+ learns from your data, and provides suggestions on how to improve your health. If you accomplish these suggestions, the advice will change so you will always be learning new ways to achieve healthy lifestyle goals.

By taking measurements every day, and by achieving your goals, you can collect Salu Points, which can be redeemed for rewards and benefits.

The Pulse+ Band is made from a flexible and highly durable fluoroelastomer that has no traces of latex. The Case of the Pulse+ products are made from a polymer and are wrapped in a medically specific aluminum that provides an additional layer of protection for the hardware components, as well as a hold a specific function for measuring estimated blood pressure.

Salu Pulse+ has 22 hours of battery life. It is available in Satin Black, Salmon and Snow White colors with Aluminum body. It is available for $249 MSRP including eBP, HR, O2, Activity water-resistant Silicone Band with Bluetooth LE and PogoPin Charging. The package can be ordered from here.

Salu Pulse+ is the first wearable of its find. We do have lots of fitness, activity and health trackers but Pulse+ is the first to monitor the lifestyle along with eBP, Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation of the users. It can really help the normal fitness keepers along with sports professionals strict about their health.

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