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How Sales of the iPhone Can Possibly Elevate in Fiscal 1Q18 in China?

As predicted, Major market is struck by popularity of iPhone X. Apple launched its iPhone X last year in November and it instantly became popular and well liked in major market around the world. In accordance with the data of Kantar World panel, sales of 18.2% of smartphone devices in Japan accounted for iPhone X and at the same time 17.2% were of iPhone 8 which came at the second place. In United Kingdom, about 50% of smartphone sales of that region were accounted from iPhone where iPhone X grabbed an impressive figure of 14.4% shares.

Even though it could only account for 6% of China’s civic market, iPhone X still did better than many local companies like Huawei and Xiaomi. A significant and monumental rise was also observed in first time iPhone buyers in China. While in United States of Amarica, iPhone x was relatively less popular and well liked than iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 8 even though Samsung’s latest addition to Galaxy S series and the most popular of the Samsung handsets, Samsung Galaxy S8 could only claim the sixth spot. With its share of 39.8%, Apple enjoyed a massive market share in United States at the conclusion of November of 2017 for the previous three months. With a slight drop of 0.6%, Apple claimed a share of 23.9% in top five markets of Europe. About 25% share in Chinese market was also enjoyed by Apple which marked a rise of 4.6%.

iPhone 7 plus is China’s 2nd most popular smartphone. iPhone 7 plus claimed a share of 2.8% to be China’s second most popular smartphone of 2017. While iPhone 7 was not far behind as it claimed the 5th spot with its 2.4% share in market.

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