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For the sake of Good Health: Our Top 5 Picks from Fitness Trackers

It seems like a long time ago when fitness trackers were the new buzzword in town. It looked like something straight out of our favorite sci-fi film. But that’s not the case anymore. Fitness trackers are now as common and essential as a traditional wrist watch. With more chic and stylish products out in the market, it almost feels like an accessory, with additional perks like heart monitoring and other useful information about our health. It helps us keep in shape and aware about our own body. With so many options out in the market, here are our top 5 based on their design, price, user interface and other distinguished features.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

When it comes to fitness trackers, Garmin is an obvious mention. They make one of the best fitness watches with top quality tech packed features and unique designs. It definitely has a chunkier design than its predecessors, it can accurately monitor heart rate, workout intensity, sleep, step count, distance etc. The band automatically starts tracking when you become active.

You can read more about it here. It is available for USD 249.99 at Garmin’s official website.

Moov Now

This one is easily our most favorite pick because of its unique design and highly accurate data analysis. Moov markets itself as a fitness coach and we can assure they are right about that! Moov Now monitors your movements precisely in 3D and then presents that data in simple graphical form. It is the best tracker for a fitness newbie with more than 200 audio workout instructions. It also allows you to compete with your friends. It is not only limited to gyming but a variety of other activities too.

It is available for just USD 59 at Amazon.

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Misfit Flare

This aesthetically pleasing fitness tracker is for those who put style above anything else. It is essentially a fitness and a sleep tracker especially for those who do not like traditional band designs. It is a minimalistic, swim proof, aluminum cased, crystal face design with a single LED light. It can automatically track steps, distance, calories and sleep. It also has a smart button that allows you to control connected household devices. What else can you want from a band?

You can read more about it here. It is available for AUD 85.41 at

Samsung Gear Fit 2

When it comes to wearable technology it is hard to miss out on Samsung, so when it comes to our favorites Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 wrist band deserved a mention. What makes it different from other similar products is that it does not need a smartphone! It is a standalone fitness tracker with all in one features. The device has sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and many other features related to exercise and slow workouts. It is a sports band that offers different modes for different activities like cycling, running and elliptical. It is a perfect gym companion. It also has auto tracking, sleep monitoring, music player, and call and text notifications. It supports 15 different types of workouts and is compatible with Android devices only.

You can read more about it here. It is currently available for £ 179 at Samsung.

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Fitbit Alta HR

We could not have dared to miss out on Fitbit when it comes to fitness trackers. Fitbit always seems to be the most popular choice amongst fitness enthusiasts and rightly so. Fitbit’s Alta HR is one of the slimmest bands which includes a heart monitor. Its sleek design and interchangeable bands makes it a famous choice. It also gives call and text alerts, automatic sleep tracking with sleep pattern analysis, activity reminders and the usual steps, calories burned and distance stat. It offers so much in such a smart and sleek design that it is hard to ignore it.

You can read more about it here. It is available for USD 149.95 at Fitbit, with an additional 2 year protection plan for accidental damage coverage for USD 39.99 per device.

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