Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Runtopia S1: GPS Sports Watch unveiled by RUNTOPIA

Runtopia has unveiled a smartwatch specially for sportspersons and athletes fitted with GPS and a lot of other impressive features.

Runtopia is famous for its mobile application that allows the consumers to monitor and study the data of their walking and running through the day. This application has found itself being used a lot during marathons and other races by the athletes of these sports. After making a name for itself in software and application development market in around two hundred and sixty countries around the world, Runtopia is headed towards wearables market and the development of this smartwatch is pacing the things for it. Runtopia also unveiled a pair of smartshoes for running called REACH. These smartshoes correct your posture and foot position in real time by giving you feedback about your movement and feet activity audibly.

Runtopia S1 however is the first smartwatch ever to hit the market by Runtopia. Not only is it elegant and packed with a lot of futures, but also it comes in a very affordable price. Its outer case is made up of zinc alloy which makes it very lightweight along with a comfortable strap made of rubber. It can resist water at around 3ATM atmospheric pressure. It has two sports modes built inside it – outdoor running mode and indoor running mode.

“Runtopia aims to make smart sports and fitness available to everyone,” Vivien Jiang said in an interview “The launch of our first smartwatch is a major step in Runtopia offering a complete range of products to help users make the most of their workouts.” Vivien is Runtopia’s International Director.

Other interesting and impressive features of this watch include an accelerometer, a heart-beat tracker, a Gyroscope and an impressive long lasting battery. This smartwatch also comes with a support for Runtopia mobile phone application for a better interface with the user.

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