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Runscribe Plus – Because Change Is Good!

What’s New?

We have talked about the buzz of using analyzing tools in enough details. It is apparently the new obsession of the sports industry. Especially when it comes to professional athletes and their trainers, for obvious reasons.

What’s Different?

Recently we have had a new player in the market, Runscribe Plus. It is essentially a next generation running analysis tool by Runscribe. The Runscribe Plus may look similar to its predecessor, but it has one sweet difference that makes it worth your time. The biggest problem with the first Runscribe was that it would only run on its official app, which made it just another proprietary metric app. The latest Runscribe Plus changed that by supporting Garmin Connect IQ watches and Suunto watches.



Runscribe Plus consists of 2 pods that mount on your heels or laces. It uses 9-axis motion sensors to track your motion with utmost accuracy. It offers various comprehensive metrics to calculate the runner’s stride like stride rate, flight ratio, contact time, foot strike type, impact, braking, motion profile and many others. Runscribe now also supports power metrics. In simple words, it keeps track of the amount of energy required to maintain pace regardless of the terrain. You can use it to assess your level of fitness or the effort your workout etc.


Runscribe Plus has a 16GB on board flash memory that stores your run and syncs it via Bluetooth Smart. It is inter-operable now and you can view real time metrics across multiple platform. The pods have a 6 hour run time with integrated rechargeable battery. Runscribe Plus is a light weight and flexible device that allows you to run free without worrying about your phone. It is also water resistant to up to 1m of water.


Runscribe Plus is currently available for preorder on its official website for $199.

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