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RunScribe Lets Athletes Train Like Pro!

Running is one of the most popular focuses of the wearable sports and fitness tech. Tons of companies are coming up with new ideas to integrate different type of technologies, however, some of the old wearables are still undefeated and RunScribe is one of them.

RunScribe Lets Athletes Train Like Pro!

RunScribe provides 3D insight into the mechanics of how the wearers run. The device believes in letting the data drive you towards smarter training decisions. The device provides an unprecedented 3D view of statistics and the methods of athletes. RunScribe collects thousands of data points to calculate advanced metrics, including a number of footsteps, the pace of the runner, contact time with the ground and footstrike etc.

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RunScribe Lets Athletes Train Like Pro!
Kinematic Metrics Calculated By RunScribe

The advanced and typical metrics includes Impact Gs meaning that the ground reaction of the force experienced at footstrike, braking force when running at high-speed hills or downhill, pronation excursion, and pronation velocity etc. These kinematic metrics are collected by means of a 3-axis sensor that is attached to the heel of the shoes.

RunScribe Lets Athletes Train Like Pro!

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RunScribe is lightweight and easily mounts on the back of your shoe. The data that RunScribe provides about how you run informs better training decisions—simple decisions that can have a big impact. The data is stored locally on the wearable, allowing you to leave other devices at home. Data is then automatically uploaded via a Bluetooth connection to an Android or iOS device.

RunScribe Lets Athletes Train Like Pro!

RunScribe is one of the beginner wearable devices that have redefined the way athletes run. The device records all sorts of data providing users with the best and accurate metrics they want to improve the game. The device is available for $149 and can be ordered from here.

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