Home Insights News Runners Prefer Smartwatches over Activity Trackers, Proves Report

Runners Prefer Smartwatches over Activity Trackers, Proves Report

Runners Prefer Smartwatches over Activity Trackers, Proves Report

Runners Prefer Smartwatches over Activity Trackers, Proves Report

Smartwatches are often criticized for being more of a show-off than of use, but it seems that they have a lot more to appeal the potential buyers. Even if they are not in the hype now, they are still liked by the fitness fans.

A research by the NPD Connected Intelligence has unveiled that activity trackers are still being preferred by many fitness lovers, but the Smartwatches are still reining the buying decision of many.

The research found out that the runners cover the highest bracket of the Smartwatch users. It means that most of the sports enthusiasts prefer Smartwatches over fitness and activity trackers. Almost 22% of the users report that they use their Smartwatch on a regular basis.

On the other hand, 21% of the activity tracker users complimented that they run and do exercise while wearing their activity tracker.

There may not be a lot of difference between the usage percentages of the two but about 17% of the Smartwatch users concluded that they are serious and passionate runners. The result, when compared to the 13% of fitness band users, is dense and suggests that people are more interested in staying fit with the help of their Smartwatches and not trackers.

What gives Smartwatches an edge over the trackers is that they have built-in GPS which is essential for all the runners and they can also be paired with a number of running apps to get better data and results. This is why Moto 360 Sports and Sony Smartwatch 3 are slowly but firmly taking over the Smartwatch industry.

The report shows the difference between Smartwatches and activity trackers but it concludes that the wearable with the fitness margin are most likely to attract users;

Eddie Hold, president of NPD Connected Intelligence stated that;

“Activity tracker ownership continues to grow rapidly with more than double the smartwatch base. While we are seeing that some forms of exercise are more likely to be impacted by the smartwatch, there are still a number of consumers that are planning to purchase activity trackers to monitor their fitness. Of folks that report they exercise several times a week, 47% are planning to purchase an activity tracker soon.”

Hold also believes that no matter how modern Smartwatches may get, they will never be able to take the place of activity trackers. He stated that the fitness companies will keep on adding such features which will attract the fitness lovers. However, he also noted that;

“Activity tracker companies must continue to broaden their portfolios to satisfy more exercise-focused consumers – combining specialist functions with generalist capabilities.”

Let’s see how far true this report by NPD Connected Intelligence proves to be. Till then, if you are a Smartwatch or an Activity Tracker user, let us know which wearable do you prefer the most!


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