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Rugged lifestyle inspires Wrangler Smart Watches

Wrangler has been working alongside Paradox Fine Watch Co to launch a collection of Smart Watches marking its entry into the smart watches market. The project has been in development for more than two years now. These smart watches will take sophistication of western elegance and incorporate it with a design of high quality.

These Smart Watches are expected to be made available to the public by the end of this year. There are going to be three different choices of design with the cheapest one costing $89.95 and costliest one costing $135. One out of these designs will have a rectangular watch face while the other two will have more of a circular watch face.

The overall build of these Smart Watches is inspired more from rugged way of living instead of state-of-the-art and ultramodern technological features. A strap made of Horoween Leather and ornate buckles and cases give it its classic western appearance. A version with leather band in turquoise is also available to give it a more feminine appearance for women. Overall, as many as 36 choice of design will be available in 3 series of Smart Watches.

“Our partnership with Wrangler has allowed us to develop a new line of Smart Watches specifically geared towards the western lifestyle and those individuals who live it every day,” stated Mark Schatten, “From the looks to the functionality, we believe we’ve created something truly unique for the industry, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.” He added. Mark is serving as the Executive Director at Paradox.

These three series of Smart Watches will provide the users with a wide range of features and functionalities including all the basic fitness tracking and monitoring metrics. These metrics include heart rate stats, distance, number of steps, blood oxygen level. However, built-in GPS is not available. There has not been any official statement about the battery life of these Smart Watches.

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