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ROBORANGER – World’s First Connected Personal Safety Alarm


When it comes to safety and personal safety, especially for kids, we definitely want something we can trust and rely on. And, for our protection comes the saviour – ROBORanger. It might look small, minute, and seemingly harmless but it is a complete ‘Ranger’ in itself.

ROBORanger is the world’s first ever personal safety device that doesn’t rely on tethering or Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, or depend on a smartphone battery. It’s also the first safety device with a 100% standalone connection to 911 – providing 24/7 coverage virtually anywhere in the world.

The ROBORanger triangulates your location using cellular data (GSM), which also allows it to connect to dispatchers without a smartphone connection. It’s also GPS-enabled to acquire your precise coordinates. As such it doesn’t depend on your phone for any functionality.
It is not a tracker. The ROBORanger is always off, so your location is not shared until you activate it.
ROBORanger can easily be fit into the palm or converted into keychain attached with your backpack or definitely your keys! With the 130-decibel alarm that can be heard at a 15-feet radius, it has a black button that needs to be activated in case of emergencies.

Apart from the device’s ingenious capability of instantly alerting the authorities at 911, the ROBORanger and its professional monitoring team also notifies in form of an alert message to the parents whose numbers are saved as personal emergency contacts, so they can come and whisk you away from the dangers. The ROBORanger lasts on stand-by for 1.5 years before needing to recharge and is water resistant and child proof, too!

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The company had previously launched ROBOCOPP which was the Sound Grenade, later upgrading it to Sound Grenade+, capable of saving lives through alarms. However, this new rendition is better than ever due to the instant alerts and standalone connectivity.

The progression of ROBOCOPP Personal Safety Products
The device has completed its successful tenure on the Kickstarter and is currently under the production phase. The delivery is expected to begin by the end of this year.

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