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ROBOCOPP- The Personal Safety Sound Grenade

The wearable tech has advanced, and by advanced I mean ‘really advanced’. The technology is not restricted to sports and health only, but some of the geniuses have made it their duty to utilize the tech in its best way possible. And, this is why ROBOCOPP is an initiative worth applauding for.

ROBOCOPP is a tiny blue plastic device hanging on a string. It is further attached to an analog robot sketched on the front. However, this little device is miraculous in features. ROBOCOPP is actually an electronic grenade which is capable of screaming as loud as an ambulance when its head is pulled off. The entire working of the device revolves around this feature.

As mentioned, ROBOCOPP is a little wearable alarm which is meant to keep the wearer safe by alarming so loud that the attackers won’t get a chance to do anything. Obviously, such a loud sound will attract the passerby’s too. The device comes in the form of a thumb drive that is attached to a cord. It can easily be attached to a keychain, hanged with a pendant, looped around a wrist or simply kept in a pocket. There is even a robot image on the device, which is there to make you feel safe and give you a sense of peace.

ROBOCOPP- The Personal Safety Sound Grenade

Sam Mansen lead of the tech and product design referred to a 2012 study from the University of North Carolina and stated that;

“The only really effective deterrent that everybody points to alarms. ROBOCOPP’s concept came from the question: Why not apply that in a wearable sense?” To those who don’t know study stated that house alarms are the fourth most effective burglary deterrents.

It must be noted that there are several other companies out there making the same kind of product. Vigilant Personal Protection Systems, Sabre, and GE are some of the few names which are making the same product with a much less price tag. The alarms by these companies come in the form of garage doors or remote car openers etc. However, Mansen has explained that ROBOCOPP has its own significance;

“For a lot of people, aesthetics are huge. Our cost is a little bit higher, but it’s worth a few extra bucks to know that there’s a five-year warranty and it’s the lightest and smallest out there.”

Mansen explaining the presence of a robot on the wearable alarm stated that;

“We wanted to focus on commuting with confidence,” he says. “Now we had this device with a friendly robot rather than the idea of ‘Don’t get raped, don’t get assaulted.’”

ROBOCOPP- The Personal Safety Sound Grenade

Furthermore, ROBOCOPP team is literally going from door to door to explain the advantage of the product and to sell it. The team is also planning on arming a small community in West Oakland with ROBOCOPPs and doing user testing on the GPS model there.  Jill Turner, PR Director, ROBOCOPP stated that;

“You can do so many things with a smart watch and people are only using it to count their steps,” Turner says. “Bless the nerds—give me cool stuff, please—but they’re all searching for ways to make their product something you actually need. For the first time, wearables can help make a big dent in violent crime using technology.”

It is safe to say that the aim of ROBOCOPP is to make you safe. The smallest, lightest, and LOUDEST siren available, it has been documented to deter muggings. Not only you can roam freely around the city now, but you will have a sense of freedom like never before.

ROBOCOPP has also been ranked as a Gothamist 2016 Travel Essential. ROBOCOPP can be ordered for $23.99 from here.


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