Rithmio EDGE: End Your Everyday Workout With Proper Stats!


There are tons of wearables looking out for the everyday life statistics and the data tracking of the athletes and all. However, there are only numbers of apps which allow the genuine representation of what’s going inside our body or how well we excel in a sport. But, there is no app that pairs perfectly with wearables to take a look at your exercise or gyming routine. Regardless, with this purpose in mind Rithmio has come along with an application called Rithmio EDGE for all. Rithmio is a Chicago-based wearables company that creates motion-recognition software.

Rithmio EDGE; End Your Everyday Workout With Proper Stats!Rithmio EDGE by Rithmio is an application that pairs with wearables to track your weight lifting routine, so you can end every workout with statistics that are of your great use. EDGE learns your form for a given exercise and then tracks it automatically moving forward. For exercises that aren’t a good fit to be tracked via a wrist-worn sensor (Smartwatch), EDGE also provides users with the ability to manually track an exercise.

EDGE serves a serious athlete audience. EDGE’s users should know their way around the gym and lift weights a minimum of three times a week. EDGE’s users are all those who know the difference from a skull crusher, squat and Russian twist. Having a knowhow of all the elements related to gym and weightlifting, EDGE is for all those athletes who lack tools to help track and analyze their progress.

Rithmio EDGE; End Your Everyday Workout With Proper Stats!
Get Your Workout Stats Without Any Hassle!

Rithmio EDGE cannot be considered as a mainstream virtual coach. Rather, it has a purpose to help serious athletes understand their progress better. It doesn’t assess form or make recommendations. However, the team anticipated that EDGE will augment how a trainer or coach interacts with a client in some near future.

Rithmio EDGE pairs with Android Wear and Apple Watches today. EDGE is currently in a closed Beta on Android Wear, and EDGE’s Apple Watch Beta will start in June 2016. Later this year, the company will also announce non-Smartwatch wearables that will pair with EDGE too.

Rithmio EDGE; End Your Everyday Workout With Proper Stats!

Rithmio EDGE is the first application of its kind. Not only will normal fitness lovers and gym geeks benefit from it but the professional weightlifters will now also be able to learn their statistics without any hassle. The application promises a revolutionary era for all the athletes.  In order to test the beta product which is currently up for Android Wear and will soon be available for Apple, the users need to sign up here.