Riskband Might Be The Top Safety Wearable Soon!

RiskBand bracelet sends out SOS call without a phone


Personal safety won’t be a risk until we have new wearables with amazing features flowing towards us. RiskBand is the latest wearable that wants to keep us safe and protected. With the most comprehensive and easy setup, this new band seems like a good addition to the list of safety wearables.

Riskband works untethered from your phone and is not too big in size either. The device has built-in GPS which is used to send all the data and information to a global emergency response team. A user has to press the button present on the bracelet for almost three seconds before all the coordinates are sent to the relevant authorities. Once your RiskBand is activated, the powerful support service is underway.

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Riskband Might Be The Top Safety Wearable Soon!

RiskBand connects to GEOS, which is the emergency response partner of Wearable Technologies. When to call ticket is received by GEOS, haptic feedback (vibration) is triggered on the RiskBand alerting wearer that they are not alone. If the logo illumination option is selected by the user, the logo will also pulse. RiskBand starts capturing photos and also sends them to GEOS. GEOS continues to monitor the situation, remains in contact with first responders and the user until the conclusion of the event.

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As mentioned, with the help of two-way communication the emergency team will also be able to hear whatever is happening between the wearer and the security intruder. The response team is also capable of communicating in 200 different languages. After listening to the conversation, proper local authorities will also be involved.

Riskband Might Be The Top Safety Wearable Soon!

Riskband can work up to 24 hours straight in alert mode. It can take almost a week in the normal charging mode if the features are not being used frequently. The company hasn’t announced the pricing or the release date yet. Personal safety wearables have become the trend nowadays.

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According to different reports it has also been revealed that the safety devices are the trend of this year’s wearable industry. If Riskband stays true to its promises, then it is going to give one hell of a competition to all the other safety devices available today.