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Ripple- A new solar-powered strap for Pebble Time


An amazing new product has appeared in kickstarter. Ripple, which prefers to call itself the most advanced Solar Watch strap for Pebble Time Watch has made its way to the kickstarter official page.

The product’s information manual starts with this amazing line;

In The Name Of Sun, I charge! Yes, that’s true. The new Ripple is the luxurious strap for the Pebble Time smart watch. It only takes one hour of solar power or sunlight to work for 13 Hours straight.

When it comes to Pebble Time, it needs one charge per week to work efficiently and to be completely power-backed. Also, such times of smart watches also need to have their battery replaced. While, Ripple is a perfect solution! Not only in charges your device by sun but also keeps you away from the expense of changing battery every year.

Ripple captures the sunlight when you are driving, sitting in park, working out, or doing some work in office with the window open; and after that you do not need any power source.

The new Rippl- Pebble Time' watch strap has a sleek and comfortable look
The new Rippl- Pebble Time’ watch strap has a sleek and comfortable look

The new Ripple Strap is Light to wear and strong when it comes to handling it carelessly. The strap offers power and protection to the watch while securing it in the selective place. Ripple is also slim and elegant with confirm 28 mm wide band. The strap also has a protective case which can protect the watch from unfortunate circumstances.

Ripple is also waterproof but it needs to be completely dry in order to resume the solar charging. Also, the material, PDMS, from which it is made, is environment friendly.

Ripple is compatible with Pebble Time Steel. But the company is also planning to launch a trap which will be suitable with both Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel.

The project currently has 383 backers and the target goal is $32,561.The kickstarter goal to unveil the color option is USD 100,000. The full retail price for Ripple will be $79.99 43 days are still remaining so you can completely think if you want to back this strap or not. Nonetheless, the new Ripple looks cool.

You can see the kickstarter page here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/170743596/ripple-the-most-advanced-solar-watch-strap-for-peb for more details.

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