Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Riot Games Bringing Change In Player Communication With Sports Technology

Riot Games has recently unveiled its technology which helps the professional League of Legends players get through with the proper communication with those who competed in the tournament in front of a live audience.

Riot Games has taken the stop in order to the problems being stemmed by the noise that upped during the NA LCS Spring finals at Vegas: the audience hooting reaching the players and creating audio issues for them.

The revelation by the technology company was made by live producer Nick Troop in an interview with Yahoo Esports. He described the purpose and the idea of using the technology to solve the problems created by the noise interrupting the players.

The technology by Riot Games can be used in the broadcast of the sports like basketball, baseball, hockey, and football and is powered by a third party entity community. Furthermore, this technology uses machine learning to channelize to the listening sources and make out the difference between good and bad idea. Therefore, it cuts out the noise from the audience so that the players are not interrupted and disturbed during the games and can hear each other clearly.

Troop, while explaining the technology said:

“It’s a vendor that we found from the broadcasting world, and we are utilizing their equipment. We introduced this in the semi-finals in studio… and right away we heard TSM chants from the show. I was eavesdropping from the back to understand what the equipment was doing and it basically went ‘T’, and then the ‘S’ was quieter, and then the ‘M’ didn’t exist because the chant was basically invisible on the headset from there.”

Troop also made a speech regarding the open-air booths that the players were seated in during Worlds, referring to them as “competitive integrity shields.” The curved shield-like structures contain three inches of professional-grade sound insulation covered with multi-textured foam, which helps to absorb and break up external noise.

In recent League of Legends news, Riot Games has released an infographic giving the details of the viewership for this year’s League of Legends World Championship. The company has also just released the final balance changes for patch 6.24, which introduces a number of gameplay tweaks and new champion Camille.

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