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Ringly GO Smart Bracelet for Fit and Fashionable Ladies



When it comes to smart jewelry, Ringly is truly a pioneer. It is a New York based company that focuses on designing smart wearables that looks like high end jewelry. It is stylish and chic and allows you to stay on top of what matters for you. In simple terms, Ringly is like a pager that alerts you whenever you get a notification, tracks your calories and steps, and serves as a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

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The company initially started with just smart rings but had also ventured into smart bracelets in the early 2016. This time around they came up with a wearable product, similar to their previous one, called Ringly Go. As expected from Ringly, it looks like a luxury piece of statement jewelry. You can wear it in a formal setting and no one would recognize the technology behind it. What sets it apart from other Ringly products is that this is more modest and causal looking than the previous products. It allows you to wear it in more low key settings.

At present, Ringly Go is available in two designs; a pink ‘blush’ toned Italian leather strap with a white stone and black Italian leather band with a black stone. It features a 14k gold plating or stainless steel finish. Ringly claims a 24-48 hours battery life depending upon the usage. The Go bracelet comes with a USB charging cable and it takes up to 4 hours to charge the bracelet.

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One thing that makes Ringly Go such a premium product is the high quality leather used to make the band and the fact that it can be adjusted for any wrist size. Mindfulness exercises are also available through its companion app along with activity tracking like calories, distance and steps. You can also achieve goals and receive notifications through vibrations or color coded light alerts via a paired smartphone. It connects with any phone greater than iOS 5 and android 4.3

It is currently available from the company’s own website.