Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Riddell InSite Helmets are being tested at Florida school district to measure concussion

(NBC News) –  As the Friday night lights shine down on high school football stadiums across the country tonight, new helmet technology is shedding light on one of the football’s long-time concerns.

Concussions have been a constant topic when it comes to player safety, and one Florida school district is taking what they believe is the next step to solving the problem.

For the first time, each player is wearing a special helmet that will record the number and severity of blows to the head they experience.

“If our monitor goes off, we have to step off the field,” quarterback Mackenzy Wagner said.

Coaches said this is a huge help with 22 players out on the field, as it is very difficult to pick out the multiple collisions on each play from the sideline.

The helmet in discussion is the Riddell InSite helmets. These helmets are not designed to prevent or diagnose concussion but only to measure the severity of the impact. These helmets cost $150 USD each and can be purchased from the company’s website.

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