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Review – Zepp Tennis Wearable

zepp-tennis-reviewThe use of wearables for sports are gradually increasing. Last week, we contact Willem Coertzen  to check how he is getting along with his Hexoskin vest and posted a review. This week, we had the please to get a review of Zepp tennis wearable from director of Cheshire Phoenix Basketball Club, Adam Day.

What made you buy a wearable:

I get great pleasure from facts and figures, always have always will. So when I stumbled upon the Zepp tennis wearable my eyes lit up like a kid in a sweet shop. So being a average club player Zepp’s pledge to reveal your playing style and help identify ways to improve your game appealed to me and I was eager to put to the test.

Installation and Setup:

  • The device itself is simple, fits snuggly to the racquets handle via a plastic mount.
  • The device can be removed easily from the mount and is charged via a USB to your PC. The data gets linked to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Data capture and result:

  • My first use was at a friendly singles match; we only had the court booked for an hour so recorded data for one set of tennis.
  • The data recorded a shot breakdown of total shots hit and how many as a percentage were Serves, Forehand and Backhand.
  • It also records the game intensity, consistency and power of serve.
  • It recorded that my most consistent shot was a backhand slice and least consistent was backhand topspin.
  • It recorded the racquet speed for each type of shot and that my most powerful shot was a flat forehand.
  • Also within the app there’s the facility to practice serves etc. and has hints on how to improve on your weaknesses with useful instructional videos.

Negative points

The downside is the Zepp can’t really tell what shots are winners or what you’ve hit long or wide. I questioned was my fastest shot a winner or did it fly into the net?

Final Verdict:

My verdict is Zepp tennis wearable is a great little device and will help the average player to see where they might improve. Overall for someone who likes to improve and see the progress through figures and analysis this is the perfect gadget. For me it’s a winner and I look forward to analyzing my games progress.

Ali Yaqoobhttps://www.sportswearable.net
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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